Improv in Iceland



We have shows every Wednesday from October to May at Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn at The National Theatre in Iceland. Occationally they will be in English when we have guest performers.

Shows in English every week at Tjarnarbíó in June and July.

We also have improv-jams once a month for improvisers from all over. Contact for more info on jams and shows.


Improv Iceland is Iceland´s first and only long-form improv theater company. It´s based in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

The company was formed in 2015.


Improv Iceland was founded by Dora Johannsdottir, artistic director of the company.


Dora studied at the UCB NY from 2013-2016. Dora studied with Michael Delaney, Gavin Speiller, Nicole Drespel, Chelsea Clarke, Brandon Scott Jones, Armando Diaz, Mick Napier, Patrick Noth, Ben Rameaka, Brandon Gardner, Amey Goerlich, Rachael Mason, Sean Casey, Geoff Garlock and many more.


Improv Iceland has been lucky enough to get some of the world´s greatest improvisers to perform and teach workshops in Reykjavik including: Will Hines, Suzi Barrett, Rebecca Drysdale, Michael J Gellmann, Anthony Atamanuik, Christian Capozzoli, Lydia Hensler, John Hartman, The cast of Baby Wants Candy (Ashley Ward, Chris Grace, Nick Semar, Tim Sniffen, Al Samuels, Nathan Jansen) ,Dan Hodapp, Micah Sherman, Aaron Jackson, Langan Kingsley, Katy Schuette and Rachel Rosenthal.


Improv Iceland does long-form improv shows in Reykjavik and the company has performed in other venues across Iceland and at the DCM festival in NY in 2015, 2016 and 2017.


For classes:

Check us out on facebook, #improviceland at twitter and snapchat